Stovestoyou can supply almost any stove that you may want, however in order to help you we have tried to reduce the number of manufacturers shown on this web site. If you have seen one you like that is not shown then please feel free to send us the details and we would be happy to supply you with a price.  Simply complete the information request form to the right.

How do I choose my Stove?

There are many considerations when you are choosing a stove.

Firstly you need to decide how big (Kw) a stove you need; Use our stove size calculator.

Then you need to consider what physical size stove you can fit in the space you have available.

Of course you also need to pick a style of stove.

Wood Burning and Multifuel Stoves

Click on one of the Logo's below, this link tells you a little about the company and you can then go to the page that gives you a full listing of the stoves.  Click on the Stovestoyou logo if you know what you want, but need a price.




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Once you have done this you need to find out if your chimney is suitable.  If you want us to help with the installation we will do a survey to check that all is ok.  You may want us to install the flue for you by our HETAS engineers.

Short History of Stoves

 Ancient people first began cooking on open fires. The cooking fires were placed on the ground and later simple masonry construction were used to hold the wood and/or food. Simple ovens were used by the ancient Greeks for making bread and other baked goods. By the middle ages when knights in shining armour held their banquets, taller brick & mortar hearths, often with chimneys were being built. The food to be cooked was often placed in metal cauldrons that were hung above the fire. The first written historical record of an oven being built, refers to an oven built in 1490, in Alsace, France. This oven was made entirely of brick and tile, including the flue.