Fuel for Stoves

Wood Logs

When buying logs take care to make sure they are ready to burn. You shouldn't use moist fuels. Seasoning reduces the moisture content of the wood. Wood felled during one winter should be seasoned until the next and preferably a second winter before it is burned.

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Trees felled during the Spring/Summer will have a very high moisture content compared to those felled in late Autumn/Winter, therefore whilst a log first cut in January may be ready to burn within say, a year, it is necessary for a log cut in May to be seasoned for at least two years.

Whilst seasoning it should preferably be stored under cover in an airy place such as an open sided lean-to. Wood should be burned when the moisture content is below 25% - 'air-dry'. Your can tell if a log is dry because the bark will come away easily in the hand and the log will have splits across the grain. Ideally, logs purchased should be no more than 10cm thick. Any that are will need to be split again to ensure that they burn properly.

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What Fuel Can I Burn in My Stove?

You should always read the manufactures instructions on what fuel can be burnt in your stove.  The wrong fuel type may damage your stove.

  • Brown lignite coal comes in compressed briquettes, quite common in Europe, not recommended for smokeless areas, but a good fuel nevertheless.
  • Peat, rarely used as a fuel in England and again not suitable for smokefree zones.
  • Naturally smokeless anthracite. Cinders can cause grate problems.
  • Homefire and Homefire Ovals, manufactured smokeless fuel.
  • Traditional coal is a dirty fuel to have in the house and it's dirty to burn. It should be burnt at a high temperature with a good combustion air mix to minimise tar deposits.
  • Cheap solid fuel may be high in petro-coke and can be destructive to the structure of some stoves.


Wood Fuel Suppliers

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