Environmental Concerns - Warming You Not the Planet

As trees grow, they absorb and lock in enormous amounts of carbon dioxide. When we use our wood burning stove the wood burnt releases this carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere, where the process can be repeated. If burning-off takes place efficiently, the count adjusts downwardly, so we can say that wood is CO2-neutral and therefore a green energy source.

The energy created when we burn wood is effectively coming from the sun, since it is the suns energy that creates the wood (as part of a process called photosynthesis) - once a tree is felled a new one can be planted, this CO2 neutral cycle creates energy (heating your home) without an increase in CO2.

To bring the CO2 count completely down to zero, the wood, must be burnt off as efficiently as possible. This is where  high efficiency wood-burning stoves play an important part. Many years of experience and constant development mean that, today, each and every one of our Swan Mark wood-burning stoves are among the most efficient combustion systems in the world. Visit green building services to find out more about related environmentally friendly building solutions.

Did You See the Smoke?

We hear about CO2 and global warming. We also hear the recurring debate about particulates (soot), which, along with harmless water vapour, contained in the smoke emitted from a wood-burning stove. Are soot particles harmful to health? Under what conditions? If so, at what quantity does it become a problem? Whatever the case, we should always remember when installing a wood burning stove to do it  so that no smoke comes out the chimney. Even if the smoke isn’t harmful, it can smell and be unnecessarily unpleasant for our neighbours.

Because we are unsure of the effects of smoke particles we actively seek to promote the stoves that provide the most efficient clean burn technology. The demonstrable result is that the emission of particles from our Swan mark wood-burning stoves has been reduced to an absolute minimum through refined combustion technology and advanced purification systems.

The fact that the quantity of particles emitted depends very much on how you use your stove is a completely different matter.

Remember some areas of the UK are smoke controlled zones (FAQ)